Lost my DVD drives

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    Hi I was trying to copy a DVD and after a successful read and temporary file was made I received an error alert.

    After the error I can't locate my DVD drives. They are visible in the Bios but not in the hardware manager I tried reinstalling the IDE drivers - that didn't change anything. I disconnected the secondary IDE cCable that i have the drives connected to and then after a reboot to clear the drives from the BIOS I then reconnected the drives and still - they're recognized in the BIOS but not in my Computer or explorer or device manager.

    I tried a registry fix called cdgone but that didn't help either

    Can any one help me?

    Dave Beaulieu
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    Go to Device Manager and Uninstall the drives. Reboot and Windows should reinstall them.
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    No Drives

    The drives don't show up in the manager. I deleted the IDE controller drivers and they automatically reinstalled. The drives show up in the BIOS but not in the manager. I did a system restore to try to go back in time to see if that might fix a registry issue but that didn't work either.

    Any other thoughts out there.


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    See, the thing is if you just arbitrarily delete your filters, which I suspect is what cdgone did, you may experience this issue, especially when you have remnants of drivers from other programs that are being loaded at startup. Reinstalling your burning software may help, but before doing so, I would run a regcleaner program, such as CCleaner.

    a) Keep your license key file backed up safely
    b) Uninstall Anydvd (start-->all programs-->Slysoft--->Anydvd-->Uninstall)
    c) Reboot
    d) Try running a registry cleaner program at this point like CCleaner
    e) Download Anydvd http://static.slysoft.com/SetupAnyDVD.exe
    f) Exit all Slysoft programs (including Anydvd, Clonedvd2, Clonecd, Clonecdtray, Clonedvdmobile, etc.). Check Windows Task Manager if you have to.
    g) At this point disable your antivirus and firewall programs
    h) Reinstall
    i) Reboot
    j) Install your license key (if required) http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=732
    k) At this point enable your antivirus and firewall programs

    Then also install your other Slysoft programs.

    2. a) Download imgburn. It's a free program: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download
    (it's also an excellent program imo)

    b) Go to Tools > Filter Driver Load Order. Click "Clipboard". Then paste the information you pasted into your clipboard into your next post (ctrl-v).
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