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    Having been a supporter of the AnyDVD product for a number of years, back in 2010 I purchased a lifetime key for AnyDVDHD. Even with a number of new PC builds, i never had an issue until a few months ago, when I thought I'd lost the licence key due to a HD failure, and the idiot I trusted (I was out of time to do it myself, which was a mistake I'll not make again) to rebuild the PC, then erased a backup disk containing my licence keys. I just remebereed I had not recovered the programme, so I popped an recovery email to RedFox.
    However, I just found a backup of my emails on a portable drive and amazingly, I found the purchase emails from Slysoft and the attachment to activate the full licence. So I've just tried to activate it and its come back with a popup stating "AnyDVDHD is not a valid AnyDVD licence".
    Is anyone aware of this and how I can go about fixing it? If it means waiting for the response from RedFox thats fine, but I thout I'd ask.
    Any thoughts most welcome.
    Cheers... Disrali
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    Between 2010 and now Slysoft went out of business. So a Slysoft product is now a Redfox product and as such you would need a Redfox license. So I THINK the answer to your question is you need a buy a Redfox license for AnyDVD.

    I am sure someone from Redfox will chime in and confirm (or correct) , I was just strolling by and thought I would give you some info.
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    If you already purchased a RedFox license you could try using License Key Recovery, or contacting Support.

    If you haven't purchased a new RedFox license if you want to continue using AnyDVD and getting updates you need to purchase a new license. Slysoft is dead and gone.
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    Thank you very, very much coopervid; that's perfect and far more than many other T/O companies would offer.
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