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Lost Auto-load in DVD


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Jun 5, 2007
Working with Windows Xp and have for 3-4 years now, been using CloneDVD2 in conjunction with AnyDVD. I have latest versions: AnyDVD6.1.6.6 & CloneDVD2
I have managed to successfully copy serveral hundred movies over the years and have just come to a completet impass...........
My regular method is CloneDVD into file format on my harddrive........... check the file with PowerDVD as a viewer......... and then write the file directly to a Writable DVD. I usually remove the trash adds and etc. that are not needed, and then often remove the menu alltogether. Worked hundred of times.......
Had to change brand of DVD's recently from a Sony DVD+R to another brand and I have not been able to copy a movie that will open in either my PC or TV top player. I'm not able to start movie from MY Computer. The process of witing movie appears successful in CloneDVD2 but is not getting the means to be opened..................HELP.
As no-one replied, I've managed, after pulling the remainding hair off my head, to find out what the problem was. I've been using the same DVD-Rs for several years now.......... and then the company decided to replace their printable DVDs for clear laser printed blanks. That was all it took to cause me the problems........... I've just tried 4 brands and had no success....... and then along comes Verbatim DVD-R/4.7/120min. All is working as it should and I can get back to creating my DVD library.