Looks like MakeMKV Beta has a new home

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Jeff53404, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Jeff53404

    Jeff53404 Well-Known Member

    I think for the past few months, trying to go to the MakeMKV home page gave you a Russian message. Here's the translation from Google translate:

    Attention! The site has been moved to a new server.
    If you are the owner of the site and you are not worthy of our dns, change the IP to dns to, If you have any questions, contact the hosting support!

    The new home page has a definite change in appearance as well as some new flags. While I like their product, I'm still anxiously waiting for an updated CloneDVDMobile (I know, not to be tackled until CloneBD is finished).

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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Apparently there was a server move but on my end the website is back up with the downloads working and forums accessible. From my end it looks identical to what it used to and not like your screen capture.
  3. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    His screen shot is the Japanese version of the purchase page.
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  4. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Indeed. It is the Japanese purchase page and I don't necessarily remember being able to switch between English and Japanese but I'm failing to see how it appears differently in other ways. It looks like I remember it looking for... quite some time.
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  5. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    Oops! I mis-understood what you actually said.

    That's the (Japanese) purchase page not the home page.
    This is the home page: http://www.makemkv.com/
  6. Jeff53404

    Jeff53404 Well-Known Member

    I don't know I got the Japanese version but it looked like they had a new home. Glad they are back up and thanks for correcting that.