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Looking for a program ideas to clip/cut/put together TS or mpg files.


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Aug 22, 2016
I like to record OTA TV and also screen capture TV / movies for later viewing. These processes yield TS and MPG files. Currently I've been using VideoReDo TVSuite V5 to trim and cut where needed. It seems to do the job, but before I purchase it, I want to hear any ideas you may have.

The biggest advantage of VideoReDo to me is it does not recode unless you want it to. Thus the TS files you capture from OTA TV are pristine, equal to as viewed live. And with no recoding, it takes a minute or so to process your trim/cut's for an hour show. It's biggest con is its UI is not that intuitive, as least for me. (I had to read the manual)

Any thoughts would be appreciated. BTW, for video screen capture I'm using Replay Video Capture 8.

It seems to do the job, but before I purchase it, I want to hear any ideas you may have.

I've used VideoReDo and TS-Doctor for many years. IMHO it's the most powerful combination with respect to cutting TV recordings without any quality loss.
Due to the fact that VideoReDo allows frame-accurate cutting, you may have a negligible, not visible quality loss at the cut points. Therefore, re-encoding isn't totally unavoidable, especially at the areas around the cut points. All the other parts of the recording remain untouched. This is what smart rendering stands for.