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    I made a log of a bluray and before posting, I had a look at its content.

    There is a file called: sysinfo.txt
    It contain a lot of information about my PC, too much to my taste.

    Why do RedFox needs to know:
    All my running processes
    My Windows Digital Product ID Hash

    there is so much information in there, that I find it rather intrusive.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    There's nothing personal in the logfile. Everything like username etc is all blanked out. The logfile only contains info needed for troubleshooting. Processes for example are needed, because it wouldn't be the first time some third party application tapped into the anydvd executable, causes problems and come to the forum saying anydvd isn't working properly or they're getting a warning of some sort.

    The rest is all purely disc related of the disc that's inserted for the logfile. Either way nothing to worry about. Only staff with the proper diagnostic tools can properly read it.

    Either way, in the event that you would need assistance, the logfile would be the first thing we would ask for.

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    I can't see why RedFox needs my My Windows Digital Product ID Hash
    this looks like a hash of my windows product ID.
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    Even if that's true, it's exactly that. A one way hash, it can't be used in any way. Maybe @James can clarify why it's there, if it is present and why it's needed or remove it. In any case, is nothing to worry about.

    Either way, if you would need help, the logfile would be mandatory in most cases.

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    thanks for the clarification