Locking up at same point in Akira

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by hebecb, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. hebecb

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    I've tried both off the disc and from an iso i made from anydvd. It hangs at the same place. I've tried high quality and high speed. I was doing this with CUDA acceleration... trying with software right now but it's not making much progress (@time index 1:12 after 13:30 elapsed :) )

    Running 1.1.7. Nothing obvious shows up in the debug logs.

    Any thoughts?
  2. hebecb

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    Another data point. I was able to use MakeMKV off the ISO
  3. Pete

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    Can you please share those debug logs, maybe we can identify something less obvious ;)
  4. hebecb

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    LOL touche :)

    Oddly, I'm seeing a lot more stuff in the debug log this time around. Main diff being that now I am using a folder-based backup of the original BluRay however before I ticked "show debug log" it hung in the same place (and when I say hung I mean FPS dropped to zero and the app, while it responded to abort and "close window" it didn't actually abort or close the window... even doing "end task" took a long tim).

    Now that I've checked "show debug log" it's gotten beyond that point but the FPS is around 3-5.

    There are a TON of "lost connection to drone" errors. Saw one post on this back in May(?). Copy and pasted the logs from the dialog... can't seem to find them on disk

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    FWIW it froze a little further on in the transcription process.