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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by samlar, Jun 2, 2021.

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    I have anystream and it been great but now if I leave it running and go away from my computer it locks the screen keyboard and mouse. I have to force restarts the computer. It did this while I was downloading Mandalorian_S01E07_Chapter 7. After restart there was a tmp file The prisoner and if I open it with notepad it is coding I cannot right click on it and copy the coding it locks up the computer. I would love to send you a copy of this file I was not downloading the prisoner. I tried to add it to this but it is to big
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    Just create a log file and attach it to post. I think if it was an Anystream problem others would be posting about it also
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    Hi samlar,

    AnyStream isn't locking your computer. It locks based on your power options.
    As for the reported issue, you'll want to upload a log file.
    In AS, click File > Create log file and upload it here...

    You can click Start and search for power options.
    In Windows 10, it's called Power & sleep.
    Adjust your Screen & Sleep settings.
    Then go into the Additional power settings (above) and make sure you're on High Performance (below).
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    Well I have checked everything of my computer made sure al drivers updated windows updated and ran sfc /scannow all checks right and this last time I was setting here when it happen and anystream was what was running. It could be something beside anystream but the tmp file -the prisoner.tmp was in the anystream folder where was downloading to. I would love to send a copy of it to someone to look at but it will not let me attached it to here. I will attached the log file you requested. If I right click on the tmp file to locks up my computer. This file was not in my anystream folder until after i did the force restart

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    It sounds like AnyStream may have hung up, or appears to be hung up which prompted you to do a force restart...?
    Use the Task Manager to monitor the application. You can see if it's Not Responding or not.

    As for that temp file, just delete it. Since you can't right-click > delete, just select it, and then hit the Delete key. Of course, do that when you're not doing anything else just in case your system crashes.

    Running sfc /scannow will attempt a repair, but there are times when it can't repair corrupt system files. You have three options at this point:
    Note: You can also try the Repair-WindowsImage PowerShell command.
    1. Repair them manually, which I predict is beyond your scope of knowledge, and not recommended.
    2. Refresh your Windows. See this MS article.
    3. Reinstall Windows from scratch. Backup your data first.
    From here, you'll want to look to a Windows Support forum for additional assistance, because it sounds like an issue with your computer. I would suspect OS corruption or faulty memory. However, it doesn't hurt to do a clean install of AS. Uninstall > Restart > Install > Test.

    My claim is that AS is not crashing your system unless you have some faulty memory, considering what you've described.
    If you are on Windows 10, check out this forum:
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    I thought is was just with Disney but it amazon I was using SetupAnyStream_1.1.3.1 to SetupAnyStream_1.1.2.0_64bit and so far it has not done it. I cannot use task monitor to check it since one it locked the computer I cannot do anything.
    I am a computer person and did all the checks for windows 10,, drivers ran virus protection ran ccleaner, ran malware-bytes and spybot. I am now back on and so far it working fine. going to stay 1.1.20 for a day or so then try the new beta

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    I sure hope they are not all providing real-time protection. That's a recipe for disaster. I'd recommend running only Defender for your AS activities, and disabling the other two.
    You should have that open ahead of time... or press CTRL+ALT+DEL next time to get Task Manager open.
    v1140 is a production release. However, I just noticed they published a new beta (v1141).
  8. samlar

    samlar Active Member is working fine so far going to use it for a day or to see if it was just with 1.1.3 then go to four