Little Nikita Blu-Ray Issues

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    I recently bought "Little Nikita" on Blu-Ray for $2 at Fry's. Fun, old movie!

    Anyway I tried ripping it with Handbrake and it choked simply trying to scan the disk. I won't bore anyone with those details as I'm not trying to troubleshoot Handbrake. I'm only adding it for background information. They say I can't rip this because it's "encrypted" which of course with AnyDVD-HD is rubbish. I rip things with Handbrake all the time without issue.

    That thread is here if anyone cares:

    My issue is that I can rip this in CloneBD without issue, but it generates a larger file size than I care for. I'd prefer to use Handbrake for 2D movies and frankly, I think it's a decryption issue with this disk so I wanted to share. I have attached the log from AnyDVD-HD. Is there anything funky with this disk?

    I am currently re-encoding the CloneBD rip using Handbrake into a smaller file. So far no issue, but even after I ripped the original disk to unprotected ISO I get the same error on two systems which is the same as I get if I try the physical disk. Please see screenshot attachment.

    Of course it is also possible that it is a Handbrake problem and it's specific to something in this disk. My thread there is ongoing....

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Can you explain in more detail what you mean?
    Maybe provide a CloneBD log file - it's in your hands how large the resulting file will be, you set the size you want it to be.

    I don't see anything exciting about the disc in the AnyDVD log file - it's very simple, no special protection, nothing.
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    I attached the CloneBD log, which I saved just in case.

    The basic gist I got from the HB dev is that apparently the aspect ration is poorly or not defined. They are actually working on a nightly build that will take an "educated guess" at the aspect ratio, but still don't know for sure if that's what's happening.

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    OK, the handbrake problems are none of our business, that's for them to sort out.

    But I'm still puzzled by your comment about CloneBD producing files, that are too large.

    According to your log file, you created a one and a half hour 1980x1080 movie resulting in roughly 5GB. That is already really small and even with HEVC probably not the best quality.
    Note, that one third of the output in this case is the LPCM audio, which is entirely uncompressed. By letting CloneBD compress the audio stream to AC3, the file would lose at least 1GB just though this action.
    Probably more, it's just stereo.
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    Correct and they did...ish. They created a nightly build that incorporated an educated "guess" as to what the aspect ration was on that title and that allowed it to work fine.

    That is possible. This was last week, which was a lifetime ago in movie ripping time....;)

    The main reason I stick with Handbrake is because it can do both Blu-Ray AND regular DVD. CloneBD can't do DVD that so it's not like I can pull Handbrake from my toolkit. I would LOVE it to do DVD as well! Hell, I would love it if it could transcode/re-package (hopefully using the right term) media files individually too like convert MP4 to MKV containers. I use Handbrake for that too although I use MKVToolsNix for that as well. CloneBD can only work with a Blu-Ray disk, ISO or Blu-Ray folder structure.

    Point being though is that I'm not criticizing it. I'm just saying CloneBD can't do everything I need to get rid of other programs and when you've been using one (Handbrake) to do this since long before CloneBD exists you tend to stick with it as the "go to" program until something better and just as comprehensive comes along to supplant it. I love CloneBD, but it can't do it all. It wasn't designed to do it all.

    Oddly, I have another title (Back to 1942) that I have tried ripping MULTIPLE times using H.264, HEVC and with various compression/audio settings and I can't get a proper rip that has both the audio in synch and the sub-titles correct. Annoying......

    I'm going to try ripping this original title again in CloneBD and triple check all my settings including which audio track I'm including......