lite-on sata ihas124 fata

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    Hello everyone,,
    I installed a new lite-on124 f ata set the region to 1 usa tried to make a backup of the transporter refueled using anydvd version 7650 and could not read the disc , so I installed anydvd version 7653 and could read and write using clonedvd and anydvd but when I try to play the disc in the computer it says insert a disc, and will not work on my dvd player also unable to read the disc I copied either. don't know if its my new burner or anydvd -clonedvd problem. need help thanks.
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    First, you're using severely outdated versions. Second, disable anydvd for a moment. Does windows see the disc now? If not, not an anydvd problem

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