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    Hi Everyone.
    I have been reading that there are a few issues with Lite-on drives. I have the Lite-on LH-18A1H latest firmware HL07 using Ritek DVD+R DL GO5 dye 2.4X also Ritek DVD-R 8X and Verbatin DVD-R 16X. I burn at low speeds. I have no problems at the moment,do you think its just luck and should I expect problems in the future.
    I have only had the drive two weeks.
    Thank you.
  2. MarkRacer

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    I too have been using the same drive as you without any problems. There are always small % of issues with hardware regardless of maker. There are many different ways of configuring machines and other components could be at fault. And if one is multitasking, anything can happen or not.

    However, I would recommend that you use Verbatim DL media. Ritek is okay for the SL stuff. As far as speed goes, I burn at the max rated without any hitches. So, don't worry - be happy!!!

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    Hi Mark.
    Thank you for your information. I will get some Verbatin DL discs
  4. Webslinger

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  5. Webslinger

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    Use Verbatim +R DL
    And remember to change the booktype to "dvd-rom"

    visit (and read step 4)
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    I only said that Ritek is "okay" and not "great" media. According to some folks its rated as 2nd class media. At the moment, I only use Verbatim for my SL & DL needs. On sale the Verbs are just as cheap as Ritek if not more so. In the past, I have burned maybe 500+ Riteks (+R's) with less than 1% failure rate. And so far, some of the older Ritek discs (3+ years old) still play fine. Hence the "okay":D

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    Ritek (especially Ritek dvd+R dl) and Ridata tend to be junk.


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