List of UHDs currently UN-supported in AnyDVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (UHD only)' started by testiles, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. techguy2k5

    techguy2k5 Well-Known Member

    Die Hard (US retail - Best Buy)
    DIE_HARD -- OPD: BD_d9143f61c585
  2. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Update to the version of "Anna" OPD BD_673f0032798d. I was able to get the disc with this OPD and it works fine now with AnyDVD.
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  3. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Added, techguy2k5.


    List re-posted with today's updates.

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  4. Aeneas72

    Aeneas72 Well-Known Member

  5. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Aeneas72 thanks for keeping us posted.

    It's been a couple of weeks and, my guess is, it may be some time more before this title decrypts.

    It seems like a rare, unique title.

    Hopefully soon!

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  6. techguy2k5

    techguy2k5 Well-Known Member

    Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut (US Retail - Best Buy)
    DEADPOOL 2 -- OPD: BD_ee89c517585f

    Note: the standard edition of the movie decrypts without issue, it is only the "Super Duper Cut" which cannot be decrypted at this time. Also, the Blu-ray version of the "Super Duper Cut" decrypts without issue.
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  7. TobiMan

    TobiMan New Member

    Game of Thrones S08 Limited Steel Book Edition [Amazon Germany]

    GOTUHD_S8_D1_B5 -- OPD: BD_1b85ca81de99
    GOTUHD_S8_D2_B5 -- OPD: BD_943cb1303e87
    GOTUHD_S8_D3_B5 -- OPD: BD_3e499106a647
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  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Create logfile's and retrieve the OPD id for them. If they're the same (doubtful) then no, is they're different, then yes

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  9. TobiMan

    TobiMan New Member

    Done, thanks! :)
  10. jermih

    jermih Member

    Confirmed these discs are now working:

    ANT_MAN -- OPD: BD_eb4624c74242
    AVENGERS_INFINITY_WAR -- OPD: BD_26bf00759794
    CAPTAIN_MARVEL -- OPD: BD_30131c5a656f
    DOCTOR_STRANGE -- OPD: BD_b8a701080e73
    IRON_MAN_2 -- OPD: BD_028a4418d39b
    MARVELS_THE_AVENGERS -- OPD: BD_492253cba1ed
    SPIDER-MAN_FAR_FROM_HOME -- OPD: BD_3b474eb81620
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  11. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Ah, so this is a set where the standard UHD is currently supported but the "Super Duper edition" isn't?


    Yes, I would hope the Blu-Ray decrypts fine (lol)!

    Afaik, AnyDVD decrypts any and all Blu-Rays. Only UHDs may or may not be supported.

    Added this.

    Added these, TobiMan.

    Glad you're getting your set-up sorted, jermih.

    None of these are currently on the list so no changes needed.

    List updated and re-posted.

    The title with Unknown Status rolls off the list Saturday, 12/7.

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  12. exaltwolve

    exaltwolve New Member

    Hi , a title from Italy:

    THE_MULE (italy) -- OPD: BD_756a3477ba59
  13. jbinkley60

    jbinkley60 Member

    BUMBLEBEE -- OPD: BD_d06f11a63659 US not working
  14. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Both added...

    ... and list re-posted.

  15. Spidy69

    Spidy69 New Member

    Hi guys, I title from Spain:

    SPIDER_MAN_HOMECOMING -- OPD: BD_9cd0cf419309 (Spanish UHD)

    Thanks !!
  16. kitaT

    kitaT Member

    Jumanji(1995) -- OPD: BD_60d52a90a3ed now supported!

    Thanks developers!
  17. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Hey Spidy69.

    Got it!

    I believe this is the first title on the List from Spain.

    Ahhh, bravo, kitaT!!!

    Your patience waiting for this title has paid off.


  18. Babirusa

    Babirusa Member

    US Amazon Game Of Thrones Season 8 Steelbook discs:
    GOTUHD_S8_D1_B5 -- OPD: BD_13141cf0005c
    GOTUHD_S8_D2_B5 -- OPD: BD_9e1dffec14b5
    GOTUHD_S8_D3_B5 -- OPD: BD_f1b54aace563

    (different keys than for the German one that I already see listed here)
  19. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member


    Just in the process of posting the list.

    You got this in just under the wire (lol)

    ... aaaand the list is now re-posted.

    Good night all!

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  20. Dago Red

    Dago Red Member

    Glass (US retail - Best Buy)
    GLASS -- OPD: BD_cf7f6b29877c