List of BD+ Discs/Revocation Issues

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    Very good! Hope to see the update soon. The first what I do when I come home from work is to check if the new update is out. :D
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    Well, I am also glad to hear that....

    I do not have any political ambition ;)

    All I want is watch 1080p-Material @24Hz, and Blu Ray delivers the goods here, thanks to AnyDVD much more painless as it would be otherwise...

    To my experience Blu Ray has been a lot more stable with respect to mastering issues than HD DVD, but in the end I also managed to play back HD-DVD well enough with Reclock and PowerDVD Ultra.

    Once again thanks to AnyDVD this has been much easier than without!

    And once again: I do not care about politics ;)
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    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it:

    Sony will screw you as a customer. It is not if, but when. They are a company that has repeatedly tried to control the media market with proprietary, incompatible formats: dat, minidisk, superaudio, memorystick, and now bluray. They try to lock up things without really innovating.

    I understand the need for copyright laws, and I understand the need to protect artist's work. Personally, I have never pirated a movie in my life. I just want the freedom to watch my movies any damn way I please.

    Sony will use bluray to leverage everything and anything they can. They are pricks, and I am glad to see the PS3 gettign hammered.

    Once again, go slysoft!!! :agree:
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    One more thing- the work of any programmer who can break BD+ will help HDDVD win the format war. The movie studios are watching very closely the reactions of consumers to BD+. I guarantee studio execs are reading our posts here and on doom9. Some movie studios realize the alienation of consumers with ridiculous DRM firmware problems, incompatibilities and other issues will lead to lower movie sales by legitimate buyers who do not pirate. But others are waiting to see if BD+ will really remain as uncrackable as some idiotic, self-serving people have touted.
    If BD+ remains un breakable, it will turn the format war. The studios who are not on board will simply cave when their exclusivity contracts give out and start releasing movies on bluray. It is unfortunate, but it is obvious- if a copy protection really can restrict viewers ability to copy content off of a disk, it will be too tempting for studios not to use it.
    So, all we as consumers can do right now is to not buy bluray and hope slysoft or another programmer can break BD+. If it is broken, that's it man- unless they want to piss off every single exisitng bluray owner and essentially launch a third format, DRM will be dead, at least for this generation. If it is broken, hopefully movie studio execs will realize that DRM does nothing to stop piracy, as the pirates don't care, and never will.

    Go Slysoft! and **** piracy!
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    Sorry- I thought it would turn it in to **** automatically. I think you can enable that feature on vbulletin, where it automatically detects swear words and filters them.
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    I don't think filters are enabled here, which creates a lot of work for me.
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    Same here. All I wanted to do was enjoy full DTS-HD Master Audio and PowerDVD Ultra did the job along side AnyDVD HD. But now Fox wants to play hardball and continue the torture.
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    Not really for you but the admins to add the filtered words but yes it is built in. I see no need for it personally due to it isn't common to see these words used here as we tend to respect one another.
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    Right. Most people don't swear and if they do it is something harmless.
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    Yeah, the feature is built in, but it doesn't appear to be active. You wouldn't see a need for it, because I and the other mods clean it up.

    No. It isn't harmless. And with all due respect (and while it's true that lately, for the most part, swearing hasn't been a major concern), neither of you see how much work I do in the background (posts that I've completely deleted, for example) with respect to this issue.
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    Damn isn't harmless? Because that's what I was referring to.
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    I am an admin and have had my fair share. So I know what you tend to go through.
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    No. Other stuff is. You think I edited "damn" out of this thread?
    I've got better things to do.
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    I haven't seen any other posters use any other word besides damn except a few new people. :confused:
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    Then I'm effective. :D
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    OK how about being or getting back on topic we hijacked this thread. :D
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    Sorry I used a swear word :(
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    It's fixed, over, and done with. Don't worry about it. Please don't do it again. Thank you.
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    Even with the latest PowerDVD patch, I still can't play Spider-Man 3 (Australian) on my HDCP-compliant, ATi HD2600 powered, external Blu-ray-drive equipped laptop. And that's without AnyDVD HD, mind you. Previous 10 BDs and HD DVDs have all worked with no problems. Wonder if this is an AACS related issue?