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  1. Blacksheepxs

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    We would like to see Linux support for the fantastic CloneBD software such as the make MKV team have. I much rather use clonebd over make MKV in Linux.
    It's usualy the catch 22 reason developers skip the Linux platform. They say there is not enough users to add the feature where the community says we can't use Linux becuase the developers not supporting the Linux platform.

    There is a lot of people value privacy and Linux became an easy platform to use even for beginers (Manjaro, Ubuntu, Mint ...... is a walk in the park). We need more developers to step up and make the extra mile adding linux support like steam have. In that way we could all stop depending on spyware like Windows & Mac OS.
    There is a very few reason I still log into windows time to time. One of them is to use cloneBD and Any HD DVD.

    Would be great if both would run on Linux in the near future. I'm sure Linux users number would also grow having more developers backing the platform.

  2. 3D-VR-Fan

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    I would buy an extra license for linux (mint my current favour)...