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    I've read the forum and haven't really found an answer to my question...The trial from what I gather gives you 10 downloads up front then about 1 download per day during the trial period..Correct? However in my case, I haven't been able to get the 10 up front. I get one download and go to get my second it says the trial limit has been reached to check back in x amount of hours...Which is giving me roughly one download a day...Was just trying to make sense of the 10 downloads with a max of 31 during the trial period..Thanks for the info...
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    You get an initial 10, then 1 a day for 21d. Sounds like you already used up your initial 10 and are now limited to 1 a day for the next 21d. @Pete or @Ivan any chance you could verify the initial 10 weren't "used"?