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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by squirrel448, Oct 13, 2020.

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    I have a trial license. When I try to download an episode on amazon, I will get a video license error, and/or then an audio license failure, and then it will tell me I have to wait 5-11hours to try again, followed by a "License request creation failed" error. This does not inspire confidence in the software because I can't even _try_ the product if it counts a failed download against the quota.

    Is there something wrong with my amazon account that I keep getting these audio license failures or video license failures? I have to wait 6 hours to try again, and usually I've rebooted the PC and the software.

    Is this a known bug where it counts against your download quota when these licensing errors fail? Or is this operating as expected? Is there anywhere in the program that will tell me the number of downloads available? Because of this one repeatedly failing episode I haven't been able to successfully download anything in 3 days.

    Is there a timeline for Visa to be available? I don't have a mastercard. Signed up for coinbase but they require ID verification to send and won't accept my driver's license which is expired, and I have to wait for my renewed drivers license to show up in the mail for ?weeks?. Would love to pay for this since I've already got all the other redfox products.. I check the purchase button every day now to see if Visa/Paypal/anything else is available.
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    You might have used up your trial download allocation: See the fair use section, trials have a limit of 10 downloads. After which 1 additional download every 24h. Before each download, the (trial) license ID is submitted (see the FAQ), so the system knows from whom to deduct a token from the "token bucket".

    Once you reach your limit, the authentication server will not grant a "audio/video license" which anystream needs to kick off the download.

    10 initial downloads + 21 extra (1 per day) allows for a total of 31 downloads on a trial version. This is more then enough to evaluate. Visa is being implemented and expected to have working hopefully some time next week. As to paypal, that's NEVER going to happen. Never has, never will. They don't want to process payments for companies that deal in decrypting solutions.
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    Excellent, thank you for the swift response. The way it's worded, it seemed like the audio/video license was a problem with the provider, not a trial limitation.