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    I'm using AnyDVD CloneDVD2 with setting at Copy DVD Titles and quality at DVD-5 at 68% audio only set for one language and quality shows 83%.

    My writer is HP DVD WRITER 840B HI86 05/09/21 and I cant find any updates.

    A lot of the playback is like watching tv from a satellite dish with a bad storm overhead, a lot of breaking up and tiling.

    Is this because I'm using Lightscribe HP DVD-R 8x ?
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    From my experience, HP media is crap. Just about anything with the CMC-MAG media id won't give you good results. Even if you produce a good looking copy, just wait 6 months to a year and watch it again. You won't like what you see. I tried the HP media when I first started burning then took the advice of others and started using either Ty Yudens or Verbatims. You can get the Tys online at places like Media Superstore and the Verbatims you can pick up at any Best Buy, Circuit City and similar stores. One note on the Verbatims...stick with the ones Made in Taiwan...the ones Made in India don't have the same level of quality control in their manufacture. Hope this helps and it's JMHO.
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    I have a 26 in hdtv which is on the small size for TV's these days. Shrinking a dvd9 to a dvd 5 at 68% or even 83% will not produce a good picture no matter what media you use. Some people I know will say that watching a dvd with a 68% or 83% shrink factor is just fine. How they say that I do not know. I have some La Feme Nikita and B5 dvd's that I copied to a dvd 4.7. The picture was annoying but tolerable on a 21 inch standard tv. But with the 26 hdtv the picture is just god awful. At times it looked like poor reception. Then there was times when you could see large pixel blocks, not the picture break up kind but the out of focus kind on fast moving picture scenes. Just an awful picture.

    Picture quality is a personal taste thing. For me if the compression drops below 90% it is not worth shrinking. Just be extra careful with the original. Or you can try using shrink to trim off the opening credits and the closing credits. With some movie you can pick up as much as 5% by doing that.
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    Man, that's a bummer on my part.. I purchased 100 so I can start backing up my library! I wanted to use lightscribe to avoid paper labels.

    I wished I'd have done some research first!

    I've got a 60" HDTV, so I know I'll see the difference. I wasted 2 dvd's trying to improve on the quality.

    I'm looking at a website now, reading about the Verbatim DVD-R Lightscribe 16x but I dont see where they were made at.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    You should first check out the average bitrate of the DVD you are planning to backup. This can vary from, say 5000 to 10000. I dare say you could compress a 10K bitrate movie to 68% and still find it excellent. The freeware program Bitrate Viewer is very handy in helping make decisions about using DVD-5 or DVD-9.

    Just stating that compressing to 83% (or whatever) will not produce a good picture is an oversimplification.
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    Thanks everyone for you input and advise.

    By experimenting, I've found that if I use AnyDVD, click on settings, Video DVD and check Remove annoying adverts and trailers with Jump directly to Title Menu and save the movie to my hard drive, I get a very good back up when using CloneDVD2, Copy DVD Titles.
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    Be aware that the Remove annoying adverts and trailers does not work on all discs and can actually cause some discs to not play correctly.
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    I found that out the hard way!

    I ended up throwing away 6 disks trying different things.
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    I found that if i wantot make a copy I will see total dvd siza and then remove the previews and menues thne see what kind of compression it trying to do not like any compression(reducing of quality for my dvds ) i have 1 dvd only took 2% off and can't read the ending credits . move is fine other wise.. I found that if it want to compress it after 95% (94or lower) I get a dvd dl out and use that. for the movie as for media brand i used everythign and they all worked great for me I only had 3 bad burns 1 was my fualt 1 was a power outage as I burnt and the finaly one was a program error cause by nero.. I still prefer the nero for burning since i don't like burning over 2.4 (dl) or 8x on plain 4.7 and with over 300 dvd cloned I had no issues..
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    OLD HP media is fairly good. But you'd have to find discs from them that are over 5 or so years of age. Back then they used the same media as the OLD BenQ discs. And I've never had one change the slightest over time. No failures, no data dumps, no spotting. They had the same media code as older TY discs. The newer HP (and BenQ) discs are total crap. Run, run fast and far. They could make you go blind just by looking at them. ;) In all honesty, they are like Emm discs now, or Etech, or E-Tronic.... If you get them for less than 10c good deal, but they won't last. Don't EVER store anything you want to recall more than a few weeks later on them.
    TY and Verb both make quality light scribe compatible discs now. Try them out. I believe you can get a 15 or 25 pack for around $15. With media, you get what you pay for!
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    to be honest i have not found any problems with HP media

    there is alot of information on different discs on as well as free software and images.

    the software IMO is better than the Nero i had