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Resolved lifetime subscription for anydvd

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Mar 12, 2015
Bring back the LifeTime Sub. If you want me to buy.. Other wise buying other programs
There will be no more lifetime for any Redfox products. Sorry to see you go.;)

I have the Redfox. I was wanting to purchase the any stream. This might be a Alt everyone.
This might be a Alt

First of all, that's for audio. Sure there are similar ways with video, but it's not the same capture as what AnyStream does. Also AnyStream has the ability to be faster than real time (i.e. downloads a 1 hour video is much less time than an hour).

There may be many options, but what I can say is AnyStream works very well, and the development team does the work of keeping up with all the various changes to many different providers.
No more lifetime for anything. Sorry, it was available, you missed it. Now it's not coming back. We can sell a 1 or 2 year license. Sorry. Thread closed.
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