Lifetime Purchase have key, serial number and email

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    Have all my info on my WIndows 7 laptop that I'm restoring to factory default for sale, want to put on my Windows 10 laptops. when I hit the registration link it tells me to open file. What file? I have the serial number and the registration number, it was SlySoft when I purchased it, but it is a lifetime. It loads right up on my old laptop.
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    Slysoft went out of business, you have to buy a new Redfox license. Slysofts lifetime ended over 2 years ago. RIP. You can still use the old Slysoft license but it will not connect to the new ODB
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    It is telling you to double-click the license key you were sent by email. You do not, and never have even with Slysoft, entered a serial number. You double click the key file or browse to the file location.

    Although I am just assuming you are talking about AnyDVD since you don't mention what product you are trying to install, your Slysoft license is only valid up to AnyDVD version AnyDVD version or above needs a Redfox license.
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