Lifetime License Problems After Recent Upgrade

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by brucekay, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. brucekay

    brucekay New Member

    I updated to the latest version of AnyDVD and I was not able to use the old license. Is there anyone on the staff that can fix this. I just submitted this question to the customer support link and was hoping someone could respond. Please let me know what I need to do.
  2. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    If you have a Slysoft license, you cannot use an update past AnyDVD version 8.x.x.x needs a Redfox license. You can install version and you should be back up. You "may" need to uninstall and then install for the older version to replace the newer.

    [EDIT] It used to say on the download page to not download an 8.x.x.x version if you have an older Slysoft license. I do not see it there now.
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  3. Trudy R

    Trudy R New Member

  4. Trudy R

    Trudy R New Member

    Where do you download to mprevious sue. And will Slysoft 7. versions work on new releases.
  5. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

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  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

  7. pksyn

    pksyn New Member

    I suppose that is one way to not honor "Lifetime updates"
  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Not this again, you bought a lifetime license and you were given lifetime licenses for the lifetime of the company that sold it to you. Did you really expect it to be YOUR lifetime (the average being 80+ years?) You try living for 80+ years on the amount you paid for a lifetime license (127€?)

    Blame the people that shutdown slysoft (mpaa/Antiguan government) they're the ones that ultimately took your license with it, along with the slysoft servers

    Former slysoft staff (in lieu of back pay) took possession of the source code and restarted development, and how do you pay for staff, servers etc? Right, by selling licenses

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  9. pksyn

    pksyn New Member

    Sigh... I saw you reply with this to someone else. You’re creating a unsubstantiated story about their shutdown and what their employees did.

    They should have thought of the long term costs before offering a “lifetime” license, which they are still doing with the 8.x version. Also, it’s the same people running Red Fox. The same developers. They continued the version scheme as the SlySoft software. This was a “crime” of opportunity. Even if they actually were shut down, they have made the decision to not honor their lifetime updates for those of us who have purchased those licenses for their software. If they aren’t going to honor our original licenses, or allow us to trade them in for new licenses, why would we turn around and buy a new “lifetime” license after they changed their name? I have zero faith that they would honor that new license based off of their behavior.

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply, but I’m not buying it

  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    That's because it's what happened. It's not a scheme not crime of opportunity, period. Slysoft got shut down, complain to the ones that took it down. But then you'd better hope they don't come after you too. It's not a matter of IF they got shut down, they did. Google it, plenty of articles on torrentfreak, myce and many other sites.

    Only PART of the former developers restarted anydvd. You're also over 2 years too late. There was a significant discount period when redfox started, up to 50%. You don't have to believe it, or have faith that's the truth but it's well documented.

    We're not going to continue this 'debate' of is/isn't, take our leave the explanation. Don't like, feel free to use a different decryption solution.

    It's up to you.

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  11. pksyn

    pksyn New Member

    Not a debate at all. Thanks for your concern and suggestion, however, I've found an alternative solution to my license issue that allows me to maintain my ethics and my money. As is your pattern and custom on this forum, feel free to have the last word. Cheers.
  12. DrXenos

    DrXenos Well-Known Member

    "My ethics" that's funny. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  13. JT!

    JT! Well-Known Member

    Everyone who bought the lifetime licence pre-redfox thought that they were getting a licence for their lifetime. The idea that this wasn't the case was created when the controversy arose when the company changed it's name.

    It's a pretty dishonest argument and people shouldn't be ridiculed for bringing it up here.
  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    The company didn't change it's name. Slysoft got SHUT DOWN by the authorities. You can't change the name of something that no longer exists. And it's not the fact that he's bringing this up, it's that this is brought up again, for the umptieth time, 2+ years too late.

    All of this was discussed for months after redfox first began. We're not going to do that again, everything is well documented online.

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  15. JT!

    JT! Well-Known Member

    I'll retract the statement "company changed name". It's a really easy mistake to make as from the outside looking in it seems that way. And for all intense and purpose it was a name change, though technically it is a new company.

    I was here through the changeover I know the full story. And sure it's 2 years ago now, but you're going to get people here once in a while confused as to why their lifeline licence isn't working anymore. Ridiculing them about not understanding the definition of 'lifetime' isn't the way to go, especially when the definition changed to suit the argument.

    I was pissed until I come to the realization that if redfox had to honor those lifetime licences, they wouldn't have the funds to continue the project and we'd be left with nothing. This is the explanation you should be going with.
  16. StoneyJSG

    StoneyJSG Well-Known Member

    It is not hard to understand...slysoft died and Red fox took its place, the end. It's not rocket surgery. Red fox had a 20% off or something sale last week, dude should have bought a new license key then.
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  17. GSR1000K7

    GSR1000K7 New Member

    Let me drop some truth on the die-hards defending Redfox.

    Not honoring Lifetime keys is not legal.

    When you take over a business and or piece of property certain legal responsibilities come with it. This is no different then if you were gifted a free house or piece of land. Has anyone here heard of the Brooklyn Bridge? Well, when you take over that business as Redfox has stated, you are now legally obligated to pay off that businesses debts, unless you can show me some proof of a bankruptcy judgement. In the case of the free house, you may have gotten it for free, but if the water company or the IRS has a lean on the property you must satisfy that debt before you can legally occupy the space and receive your title and CO. Redfox is not a new product, some dudes with the sourcecode to Slysoft created a new domain in order to continue to sell and enhance the existing sourcecode. If you change your name next week to GreyFox that would not absolve you of all your debt to the people who bought lifetime Redfox keys. The product is materially identically from the GUI right down to the sourcecode as admitted by RedFox. This legally obligates Redfox to honor the user agreement and contract of all existing customers with "Forever" Keys. Software companies change their name all the time. BIT9 changed their name to Carbon Black and ditched all the old sourcecode, they later acquired Confer but kept the name Carbon Black but ditched much of the Carbon Black sourcecode, meanwhile my subscription to their services has never skipped a beat. This is the difference between a reputable software company and some smart dudes with a hobby. Don't get me wrong, I love the product, slysoft was great and I still am a huge fan of this product. You guys have done great work and are pioneers of this space. This is why I was an early investor and paid a large fee for the "forever" key. I hate to tell you but registering a new domain name does not legally absolve you from having to honor my "forever" license key. If 80 years from now this product is still being actively developed then yes I would expect my key to continue working, if you go completely belly up in 5 years and the product is no longer being developed then I would have nothing to complain about.

    I also don't buy the stories of slysoft being legally shutdown, if that were true then RedFox would be guilty of Racketeering, which is far worse then not honoring a handful of license keys.
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  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Please don't double / crosspost. Especially if what you're saying is nothing but wrong

    They didn't take over a business, they didn't change the name. Slysoft got SHUT DOWN by the authorities, end of story. Google it.

    What the current staff did is also widely documented. You were given lifetime updates for the lifetime of the company that sold you the license. You really expected it to be YOUR lifetime? A company can't give you updates anymore if they no longer exist.

    Case closed.

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