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    My hard drive recently crashed and i was able to recover my AnydvdHD key file with key text file however I wasn't able to recover my CloneDVD key reg file to use it. I do have the original CloneDVD key text file i was able to recover using recovery software. I've been trying to get in touch with the slysoft team & Also tried contacting elaborate bytes both are giving me the run around. Both say please purchase again which is frustrating since i have the original text file to register cloneDVD but it requires a reg file to register.
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    If you have the original purchase email, it should have the key in it. As this is a user to user forum, you would have much better results opening a support ticket. We have no access to anything. Also, Slysoft is no more, so you cannot contact them. Elby should be able to help you, unless you purchased it from Slysoft back in the day. Redfox has limited access to Slysoft accounts, so it is hit or miss.
  3. casem0dder

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    No longer have the original email to said products. I have submitted a ticket for both products and was sent a rely back to we don't have access to slysoft original keys please contact other company. I originally purchased it way back in the day when slysoft was still at it's full hay day. If it's not possible to get my reg key I'm most likely try to write it myself with .reg key software since i was able to recover the original key in text format.
  4. casem0dder

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    Update: This thread can be closed. I have recovered my lost key with making a new reg key with recovery text. Thank's mmdavis for assisting me.
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    No need, threads don't get closed unless needed (like rules are broken)

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