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    I don't deal with very many "On-Line" companies because so many of them filled with scams of some sort, and what a shame that is.
    For quite a while I actually thought that SLYSOFT was one of the "Good Guys", well, maybe not so quick to say that now. Silly me, I just "assumed" that Lifetime meant MY Lifetime, well, apparently not, because as far as I can determine, I am still alive.
    Now do I think that REDFOX and SLYSOFT are actually the same people?? Probably. Can I prove it?? Of course not, but I assure you, I would not be surprised.
    By buying a lifetime membership for updates and as such is a good deal, but I also know that it will cut down on annual revenues to the company, and I think they decided to create a way to get around that problem.
    Just like everything else, you "Live & Learn".
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    not another one of these topics. Your slysoft lifetime is still lifetime. It works just fine with the last slysoft version 7695, you have been given updates for the lifetime of slysoft. Redfox isn't slysoft. This "issue" has been beaten to death, ground up in a blender and then mixed in a cement mixer. As far as the people is concerned, YES some staff have moved from slysoft to redfox. That's nothing hidden and never has been. Does that make them the same? No. There is no central location, there is no ceo,... The first plan was to ditch lifetimes, however the community vigourasly asked for them and redfox gave it to them.
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    I had a lifetime license on AnyDVD HD too. I used the software for almost 7 years and paid 87 euro's. In 7 years that means some more than one euro a month for a great service. The only thing I can say I have spend my money well and I am willing to pay again. Off course it will be different for people who bought the software recently. They get some 'refund' but maybe they feel that's not enough. I think Redfox made a mistake with the lifetime option. In the case of only lifetime customers the system will come to a hold because in the end no money will come in. If the system will hold again for at least 7 years no problem to me. I hope the discussion about the lifetime license will now come to an end because I am a little bit tired of it (have have seen/hear all the arguments) and it won't help you have a choice buy the software again of don't do it.
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    There's also the other option to look at it. With the higher initial price, they have a higher initial funding amount to pay staff, bills... and to get through the "slow" periods for the user that has a time limited license. Refunds are never done, as the software is "try-before-you-buy" ;) If they buy without trying, that's the user's problem not refox's :)
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    Go ask Slysoft for your refund if you can find them. RedFox got no payments from Slysoft for your license that you bought. Read the Stickes they already tells you what happened. You "had a lifetime license Anydvd from Slysoft not from RedFox - you never bought it from RedFox. You could get hit by a car tomorrow as well so your so called lifetime is being very disingenuous here. If your not reading the Stickies about the problem then no users or MODs or RedFox says will help you here.