Lifetime key doesn't work and Slysoft won't provide one that does

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    I have contacted Slysoft over SIX times, from the 123copydvd program, to complain that the lifetime key they sent me won't activate the program. Each time I contact them WITH the lifetime key attached, they ask for the key. When I send it to them in response to their request, the NEXT email I get is that they have "closed" my case because I did not respond...When I DID.
    I used their program for years and thought that my continued use of their program would count in getting a lifetime key that actually WORKS. If they don't provide me with a working lifetime key, I will be looking for another program. Their "support" is a JOKE.
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    Welcome to the forums Mark.

    I took a look at the ticket you opened and I think your are just mixing up something. I found this hint in one of your emails:
    The "magic" addon, 123CopyDVD is referring to, is AnyDVD. (please note: we are NOT 123CopyDVD, we are RedFox/AnyDVD).

    I checked our database, and indeed, you purchased an AnyDVD license end of January.

    I guess your mistake is you never installed AnyDVD - no wonder why AnyDVD license registration fails. So here again the steps you need to follow:
    • Make sure you are logged in with administrator rights. (Normally default if you are the only user on the system.)
    • Download and install AnyDVD:
    • Save the license file "AnyDVDHD_Key_XXX-XXX.AnyDVDHD" you've got attached to the email from RedFox support to your Desktop.
    • Double-click the license key file. A confirmation dialog will pop up and tell you if the registration was successful.
    • Reboot, and you are done.
    After reboot you should see a RedFox icon in your lower right corner in tray bar. If you see this icon, AnyDVD is fully operational and ready to do the magic with whatever program, even 123CopyDVD.

    AnyDVD manual can be found at
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