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    Good morning.
    I am a customer since 2011 and I have all the products of slaysoft with unlimited license, I had moved away because the license of anydvdhd no longer goes and I would have to do it again after a couple of months that I bought it because it switched to redfox (therefore to me the license would have cost double) ... great disappointment. Now I was going to buy anystream downloaded a few days ago to try it and eventually proceed with the purchase, but it worked for me one day netflix doesn't download, amazon goes and doesn't go, I know there are problems and they are solving them .... but i trial days go by and i have not tried anything .... how do i evaluate if it does not go within the 21 trial days?
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    The thing is, DRM protections got updated overnight without Redfox knowing about it. They're actively working on it and the latest beta is proof of that. Before it wouldn't work at all, now it seems hit and miss. It'll get fixed.

    Now as I've said before, this is no different from Anydvd needing constant updates. DVD/BD protections constantly get changed too and sometimes it takes a while to crack a new protection on a disc. In that period users have to wait too for a new release (DVD's) or OPD update (BD's). Especially with UHD BD's.

    Now as to your trial, if this isn't fixed within the trial period, i have ZERO DOUBT redfox will reset your trial period.

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    What new beta?
    Have I missed something?

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    it means that I will not buy it .... because my experience is absolutely negative at the moment. It is not I who must pamper the company but the company that must pamper customers.
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    The one from a couple days ago (maybe a week. It didn't fix everything yet. Could have been a release too.

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    Be patient, redfox has no control over DRM changes. It'll get fixed and your trial period reset for proper evaluation

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    At least part of it :D
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    Google's DRM update was on schedule and we knew a couple of months in advance when it would go live. Google has left both the old and the new DRM system, this information is not a secret, we knew very well, so we already had to study how to find a solution for the new, instead of waiting until they have completely abandoned the old. ... at the end of May the same thing happened, but in this case there were only a few days of darkness ....
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    That was the case for the update back in may, not for the one of a little while ago. That was an update unknown to the developers.

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    Widevine updates are cleary look on their webpage, they give some time for all both users that VOD to update their systems for the new merhod....or for Who more expert look a specific DLL in Windows, that was present update 2 or more month ago
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    I would personally wait as most probably would but I think you should stick around for a while at least and see, it's free ;)
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    Again, that was the case back in may. @Pete i believe specifically said an update had happened they were unaware off. We're not talking about a month ago here, we're talking about an update that happend DAYS AGO!

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    Boh for this last update, not in May, there was also a webpage with a death clock of the old DRM system.....and also in some forum, not here, someone know the date of the update, i know It, reading on this forum.
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    'some forum' is irrelevant, I'm done saying this. The developers were unaware of the most recent update. Had they been there would have been a backup in place like with the update from may.

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    Why don't you check back in a few days or a week and see if san update has been released, read a few posts on the forum and see what the members are saying about it. If the feedback is positive, update and finish your trial. Maybe we can even reset your trial to do a proper evaluation.
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    Oh man guys!
    We are all in a gray area here. We bought a software license and used it to load films.
    Just count the films and series at the purchase price; just for fun ... we didn't get a bad deal, did we? Even if nothing has been done now.

    This situation as it is now will occur again and again.

    And then if you get nervous, make sure that RedFox lives from selling new (!) Licenses. The developers do everything to ensure that the software works again out of pure self-interest, otherwise they will no longer have any income.

    So: keep calm, drink tea, rock the nuts or do something else and just wait and see - everything will be fine!

    The strenght is to be found in serenity! :rockingchair::rockingchair::rockingchair::coolman:
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    I found out about AS just recently, right after 2209 has got revoked. It took me more than 10 trial tokens to understand the principles of downloading here :)

    Currently there is no way to DL any fresh material. I would be happy to grab some few older series which are missing in my collection but under the current circumstances the motivation to pay for one year subscription is low.

    So, here is my suggestion: Why not to offer a one-month subscription for 15 EUR? (at least until DRM fix)

    And, having in mind the problems with material which is N/A: why not to change the algorithm and deduct a token only after successful DL? I've lost 90% of my tokens just for getting an "empty request (200)" error message ;)
  19. coopervid

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    I guess this is not the "Redfox policy". Redfox wants to have a fully functional solution w/o any tinkering. So no - AS is supposed to be simple and working.
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    The developers are currently working on a fully functional program that will not do the things you mentioned. When that happens, I can almost assure you that if you contact me, Redfox will reset your trial and you can try it again.
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