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    Hello everyone,

    Just purchased AnyDVD-HD and am getting started with backing blu-ray movies. I've done a few already...Recently I ripped License To Wed on my hard drive and playback is almost completely choppy. I burned it to BD-RW and on my PS3 it is also choppy. Is this due to the BD+ protection that was not cracked yet? I am just getting the gist of it, I know in the past people would get flamed for not posting some error logs if BD+ was the case ? :rock:
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    here before i get flamed...

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    no thats not it because its not a BD+ disc it has to do with how you burned it . what method did you use to burn the movie?
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    hmmm i used ver 2.5 like i always do in nero. the disc is only 18gb i believe, so no need for remuxing. playback on my hard drive on powerdvd and burned to bd-rw on ps3 is choppy, audio seems fine.:confused:

    Also I did try to TSMUX it (for some reason this worked with another movie that was choppy) and it still came out choppy.
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