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    I am trying to recover my keys for life I have tried with the modality that redfox has applied by sending e-mail, but I have no answer. who can I contact to send purchase invoices. thank you.
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    totally disappointed they replied that they are not recoverable because they were purchased from slaysoft ... but what does it have to do with it? bo ..... and luckily the licenses were for life !! convert them not?
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    Slysoft went down years ago, so yes, these keys are no longer working. You have to buy a new licence.

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    no they said that only anydvd the licenses no longer worked but the others did and if redfox ah sorbito clonecd clone dvd mobile should also endure lifetime licenses ... or not?
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    Please make it a proper sentence, but yes, only SlySoft keys are no longer working. The other programs (CloneCD...) are made and sold by elby.
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    Small correction, the ONLY slysoft key that doesn't work anymore (at least not beyond v7695) are Anydvd keys. Slysoft issued keys for CloneDVD2 for example continue to work just fine.

    its not hat easy I'm afraid. When the Antiguan authorities shut slysoft down under pressure of the MPAA/aacs-la all servers (including the customer database and license key server) were likely dismantled and erased by slysoft to prevent any data from potentially falling into the wrong hands.

    It's not that they don't want to convert and recover old keys, they simply can't. They don't have the needed databases. On top of that, how do you pay new and old staff to restart development and pay for new servers under the 'redfox' project? Precisely, you sell new license keys.

    You were given lifetime licenses, and you were given updates for the lifetime of the company. A company that no longer exists can't push out updates. Nobody liked it happening, but it is what it is.

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    Everyone who had life-time Slysoft AnyDVD licenses had their life-time license end when Slysoft was forcibly shut down. Anyone who wanted to keep getting updates to AnyDVD when the RedFox project was started had to repurchase their license. I had two life-time AnyDVD (HD) licenses from SlySoft, I bought two new life-time RedFox AnyDVD(HD) licenses when they became available and I was able to save up enough money for them.

    Did I like having to make a double purchase again? Absolutely not, but I also realized if I wanted to get continuing updates to AnyDVD I needed to make an investment in the future of RedFox.

    Do I regret buying two licenses? Just a little twinge since lately I don't do a lot of backups any more. Other than that I am more than happy to support a company/project that delivers a world-class product despite the army of companies and governments against them.

    Slysoft being butchered is not a recent happening, time to move on and either accept you could support financially RedFox if you want to continue getting updates as the studios keep changing the DVD/BD protections, or use an out-dated Slysoft product that will become increasingly unable to work with newer discs as they are released.
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    Find it again !! now i have them ... i just miss Any dvd hd and i'm complete.
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    Go to this link and you can purchase a Redfox AnyDVDHD lifetime license
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