License failure on 1st Amazon download

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by slyvella, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. slyvella

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    I just installed the trial software, successfully logged into Amazon, navigated to a series I've been watching, and attempted to download the next episode. I got an error message that a video license and audio license couldn't be obtained and the operation was aborted. I tried the next episode. Same.

    Here's the end of the log data. I can upload the whole log if needed. Any ideas?

    00:22:27.027 - [Error] Error updating view progress: {"message":{"statusCode":"ERROR","timestamp":1608750783,"body":{"code":"CDP.InvalidRequest","message":"Invalid request 2020-12-23T19:13:03.241Z 149a6051-01e4-47bd-b612-dd58a608b2bd. See service log"}},"signature":"NotAvailable"}

    00:22:27.083 - [Notice] Storage info: Data

    00:22:27.084 - [Notice] Data

    00:22:27.084 - [Notice] Available disk space check ... OK.

    00:22:27.084 - [Notice] Selected subtitles format: embedded

    00:22:27.096 - [Notice] WCJS: GSC: Have server certificate.

    00:22:37.423 - [Notice] Requesting video license from Amazon

    00:22:39.516 - [Notice] Requesting audio license from Amazon

    00:22:43.682 - [Notice] Download process was aborted.

    00:22:43.683 - [Debug] Download channels disposed
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    We don't need the end of the logfile. The developers need the FULL logfile. Please access the problematic title upto (and including) the download (start). Then go to Menu > Create logfile and attach it here.
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    That happens every so often, usually hit f5 to refresh and redownload that episode. Something gets messed up every so often the error I get will be on wrong numbered episode (you download #2 but files on HDD w/ the error are #13). It's some kind of caching bug or something.
  4. slyvella

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    Here's the log. BTW I was able to download a Netflix file, so the problem is just with Amazon.

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