License Checks and Validation Issues - Blacklisting

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    Concerning Slysoft licenses: I have read in the CDFreaks forum that a Slysoft product license key might/can/could be "blacklisted."

    Is this true?
    What does it mean?
    How does it happen?
  2. Androo79

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    Probably means keep your key a secret so that it doesn't end up on the internet causing it to be blacklisted.
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    Also - DO NOT share your key around friends & Family (as you can no longer keep track of who else gets it)

    It is also wise to burn your key to cd/dvd or memory key.
  4. kwas

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    Black listed keys

    What this refers to is a person or persons pay for their software and receive the key or serial number to activate the software. Then, after they activate, they share the key/serial with a friend or two who then share the key and so on and so on. Finally, one of the "sharing" individuals gets the notion to post the said key/serial number on on of the numerous "crack sites". It then becomes used my several to almost 100 people.

    The key then causes a "hit" at the update center due to the number of computers updating with the same key. The company then denies upgrades (aka black lists) the key.

    This is extremely popular with softwares like Adobe, Microsoft Office, and other software companies that offer a trial version with option to purchase. :eek: