License Application Issue AnyDVD HD.

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  1. Larry Jackson

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    Hello all, I am new to the forum and I seem to be having an issue post installation. I purchased a license for my AnyDVD HD copy. I paid and received my license. I used the Registration Tool and got an error.

    The error states the following:
    The file
    c:\Users\larry.jackson\Desktop\AnyDVDHD_Key_<snip - removed - Ch3vr0n>.AnyDVDHD has failed.

    I have tried to contact support, but nothing yet.

    I am using version

    Thank you
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  2. mike20021969

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    After installation of AnyDVD HD, try restarting the computer.
    Then try registering either by: Double-clicking the Licence Key file, or using RegAnyDVD.exe.
  3. Larry Jackson

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    [Removed - Ch3vr0n]

    This is the error that I receive and the snap shot of the trial serial number.
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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Image with serial number removed. Please don't post such info public. Have you tried contact the support staff through the ticket system?

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