Licence Expired cannot run anymore even for existing decrypted BD's

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    Hi There,

    Please can someone help me. My paid for 2 year licence just expired today. I cannot afford to renew right now as I lost my job recently so money is really tight.

    Now Anydvd HD will not even run so I cannot playback existing region A Bluray Discs I bought (ONLY reason I bought in the first place as I live in a Region B zone).

    I understood that up until the licence expired I would still be able to run existing discs before the licence expiry date.

    Please can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong or do I need to get a different type of licence file now my 2 year sub has expired.

    Thank You
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    Wrong section, moved. License questions do not belong in the Blu-ray issues section. All I can say is that unless I'm mistaking, due to the new licensing method anydvd requires a valid license to work.

    Maybe @Ivan or @Jill can do something, but I doubt it.

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  3. Marty S. McFly

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    If it's for different region Blu-ray playback try using DVDFab Region Reset and it's free.

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    Well I bought over the last 4 years 2 x 2 year subs (I know I should have bough a lifetime licence instead!). I thought when RedFox were setup after the split we were told you could still use it even after the licence expired to decrypt anything up until the licence expired.
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    That was the case then, but things changed.

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    ANYDVD-HD-FAN Member

    Thanks but it does not support newer Power DVD players though only up to Version 10 (Cyberink is on 18 now!).

    ANYDVD-HD-FAN Member

    Going to raise a support ticket as I still have my proof of 2 x 2 year subs I ONLY use the region free aspect as all my media playback is disc based. Going to see what they say.
  8. Marty S. McFly

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    Haven't used it for some time and didn't realize that my bad :(

    ANYDVD-HD-FAN Member

    Managed to fix this myself in the end. My support ticket was a complete waste of time the person did not understand & was unhelpful.

    Just download & reinstall from RedFox then use your old Slysoft licence to register lets you playback & decrypt up until was outdated (circa May 2016). This works fine for me as I only use it to watch John Carpenter Region A disc imports. I could not afford to buy a new sub after already buying 2 x 2 year subs I realised it would be way cheaper to just buy a Region A BD player anyway as I only playback via disc not interested in the ripping or other features.