Licence creation failed


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Today, with ANYSTREAM, impossible to download anything, BOTH with AmazonPrimeVideo and Netflix.
I get this pop-up message : "Creation of license request has failed. Download Abandoned"
Just to let you know, I live in France, so the real message in French is :
"La création de demande de licence a échoué. Téléchargement abandonné"
I have no idea why it is happening. Everything was working fine until noon today (France time).
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Anystream but the issue still occurs.
Any help on this would be welcome.
Here are both logs (Netflix and AmazonPrimeVideo).


  • Shadowhunters- The Mortal Instruments S04E11 - Les âmes perdues.astlog
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  • Fortitude S01E06 - Episode 06.astlog
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Nope, that message is specific to anystream, it's something to with how anystream gets a "license" to grab the streams. Your actual product license is just fine :)