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    Yes, but this is definitely the wrong forum for that discussion.
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    Wrong section, moved.

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    Well, in that case, yes, I've used LibreDrive. Works great. :D
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    Did u test a movie like FURY?
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    Ok, let's start with what LibreDrive is....and isn't. "Testing a movie like FURY" is pointless. LibreDrive does NOTHING to "bypass" AACS. It's not going to magically decrypt the content on a disc. You still need a valid title key to decrypt it and AACS 2.1 adds other fun annoyances to the process. Again, LibreDrive does NOT mess with AACS at all.

    What it DOES do, however, is bypass firmware restrictions. So what does this mean in practice? It means, for example, that a drive in LibreDrive mode ignores requests for bus encryption. As I recently learned, bus encryption is why official drives, as an example, can't be used as "friendly" drives. Awesome! It also ignores MKB revocation of host keys. This is rather awesome, as well. To understand why I'll give you a scenario. You go out and buy the latest XYZ movie on UHD. You stick it in the drive. If that disc has a newer MKB version then what's on the drive, then your drive's firmware is updated with the new MKB. This is significant because any compromised host keys would be revoked. Programs like AnyDVD and MakeMKV would then need to be updated with a new host key that isn't revoked in order to decrypt ANY previous titles...including ones you have title keys for. So by bypassing the MKB revocation, LibreDrive makes it so you can ALWAYS decrypt any title you have a title key for going forward. Which is why it's pretty awesome.

    There's one more thing LibreDrive can do but if you're using AnyDVD with a friendly drive it's not important. It involves making protected ISO's with a real UHD drive like the NS60 which AnyDVD can't do.
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