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  1. yahknow1

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    I bought this drive from Alex C (already downgraded to supposedly work) but it gives an error when trying to rip with AnyDVD HD. The drive says firmaware 1.0. He's going to let me return the drive for the ASUS BW16D1HT. Before I do that I was wondering if AnyDVD was going to work with it any time soon?

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That ns60 model, unlikely that's an official uhd drive. That other model should work.

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  3. SamuriHL

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    It can be cross flashed to the Asus firmware to make it anydvd compatible ie uhd friendly. On its native 1.00 firmware it's still official. Every program other than anydvd will support it but anydvd doesn't work with any official drives.

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  4. yahknow1

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    ok thanks
  5. testiles

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    Or you could just flash to LG's firmware for the earlier model WH16NS40 1.02.

    That's UHD-friendly and works with AnyDVD.

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