LG GGW-H20L (Blu-ray HD DVD) - Slow & Quiet ?

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  1. Mango

    Mango New Member

    I cant make my LG GGW-H20L (Blu-ray HD DVD) go "Slow & Quiet" when playing DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray.

    Have tried some older versions of AnyDVD HD as well as the latest versions: and

    Is it supported ?

  2. skypx

    skypx Well-Known Member

    If I am not mistaken, "slow and quiet" will slow down the drive when ripping a DVD/BD to the hard drive. When playing movies the drive plays at the slowest speed needed for the media. In other words, the aforementioned feature will not make the drive any quieter when watching movies.
  3. Mango

    Mango New Member

    I think you are mistaken.

    I´ve been using this function for my previous DVD-players/burners, making my HTPC perfectly quiet when watching DVD-movies.

    I know many people that are using AnyDVD for this function only.

    Without it - the DVD-player spins at maxium rate, making it a noicy movie-experience.
  4. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the LG is a naturally noisy drive?
  5. Mango

    Mango New Member

    Afaik All drives are noisy.

    Thats why you need AnyDVD to quiet them down.

    I think that Slysoft just needs to add support for the LG drive.
  6. Chris Gonzales

    Chris Gonzales not Pierre Plantard

    Blu-ray playing speed

    Hi all,

    The official BD-ROM physical format whitepaper defines the following drive speeds:

    For high-definition movies a much higher data rate is needed than for standard definition.
    With the BD format's choices for both NA and wavelength we have been able to realize a format with 5X higher data rate while only doubling the rotation rate of DVD-ROM discs.
    The following numbers offer a comparison:
    Data bit length: 111.75 nm (25GB) (267 nm for DVD)
    Linear velocity: 7.367 m/s (Movie application) (3.49 m/s for DVD).
    User data transfer rate: 53.948 Mbit/s (Movie application) (10.08 Mbps for DVD)
    The BD system has the potential for future higher speed drives.

    Thus a Blu-ray drive has to spin the BD twice as fast as a normal DVD drive in order to read the movie data, reading five times more data on the BD (User Data Rate) than on a standard movie DVD. Therefore a Blu-ray drive operates "noisier" than a normal DVD drive, provided it has no special acoustic insulation.
    You can reduce the reading speed of a BD, but not below the speed it needs to read and play a BD.
    Apart from this the minimum speed is also limited by the firmware of the respective drive.
  7. Mango

    Mango New Member

    Thanks for your reply Chris.

    I guess its not possible then, but my problem is mostly related to DVD.

    I can live with the noise for Blu-ray/HD DVD (its not that high), but when I´m playing a good ol' DVD - the reader spins at 16X (?) speed.

    Since my HTPC is built with the best quiet parts available - its annoying when the DVD-noise destroys everything.

    Like I said - it has worked perfectly with my previous DVD-readers in combination with AnyDVD (Slow & Quiet).
  8. mlemartien

    mlemartien Member

    Hi there -

    I experienced the very same problem with 2 other BD drives: the Pioneer BDC202 and Sony BDU-X10S.

    Both are running very quietly when playing Bluray discs, without requiring any specific add-ons. But playing DVDs and sometimes CDs is a nightmare because it is far too noisy. And AnyDVD, which I've been successfully using for years for that purpose does not help at all.

    That makes 3 drives with the very same problem. Maybe it's time to consider there might be an issue with the way AnyDVD handles those BD drives, isn't it?

  9. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    I don't understand how you can find fault with a software for a hardware issue? :confused:
  10. mlemartien

    mlemartien Member

    I don't get your point.

    I bought a software that is supposed to deliver a certain feature and it does not. What's wrong with my request?

    In that case AnyDVD is supposed to make drives quiet when playing DVDs and it does not.

    I see a lot of people unsuccessfully trying to get their drive quiet using AnyDVD. However, when they mention this issue it sounds to me that they're the bad boy. Am I missing something?

  11. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    It is most probably firmware related. It either needs an update, which may not exist, or (as it has happened to me) it could be that the hacked firmware you're using;) doesn't do it correctly. I fixed it by reinstalling the original updated firmware (I don't remember which of my 4 drives), but with the LG drive specifically, I haven't had any problems with noise. You can tell when it's spinning at maximum, and it doesn't happen to me, but I haven't tested many DVDs with that one.

    And AnyDVD will fix the problems (the RPC2 hack as well) anyway, I guess. If it doesn't, then maybe the AnyDVD guys could tell you if there are some compatibility issues, or is that a universal option.

    By the way, there are firmware hacks for DVD drives that specifically let the drive (force it?) spin faster, as some drives purposely read DVD-video discs very slowly (only fast enough for movie-watching) to discourage people from ripping movies.
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  12. mlemartien

    mlemartien Member

    Hi andy_o,

    Thanks for your reply. I am running the firmware that came with the Sony drive and so was I on the Pioneer BDC-202. Tested with latest AnyDVD but it does not help. Again, I believe this piece of code is doing an amazing job, it's just that this noisy drives ruins the DVD experience :(

    So basically are you saying that your "out of the box" LG HDDVD/BD drive was quiet when reading DVDs?

    Thanks again.

  13. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    So far it's been perfect. I'll try again with regular DVDs when I get home though, but I recently tried the Lord of the Rings second Extended Edition movie, and I didn't have any trouble there. I run two very silent PCs, the HTPC being super silent with just a ~800 RPM 12 cm fan and a low-rev heatpipe CPU cooler. I even put a passive cooler to my 8600GTS and have a passive 300W PSU. I even bought laptop drives, because the big one was too noisy and heavy. And even with all this, I never had any problem with the LG drive that made me aware of it being noisy while playing a movie.

    Right now I am in a transition, though. I just bought a HP slimline that I'm about to trick out with an ATI HD3450, the LG drive and my same laptop HDDs and I think it's gonna be as silent as the older one (which I already gutted, so I'll have to try with the LG drive externally for now).
  14. scmeis1

    scmeis1 Well-Known Member

    Personally, If you bought slysoft to quiet your drive, I think you bought it for the wrong reason. The sole purpose of the software is to allow backups of your movie collection. I have not read anywhere, that it claims to quiet drives. That might be an added benefit, but not a claim by slysoft inc.
  15. jbrisbin

    jbrisbin Well-Known Member

    Drive speed and noise control are supported features of AnyDVD, although perhaps not with every drive.

    I think it is reasonable to hope that it works and to expect an explanation of some sort when it does not.

    I believe that the MMC standards address this issue, at least peripherally for pre-Bluray and HD-DVD drives. The rules may be different or unspecified for the newer drives, which can leave support for these features a bit difficult without per drive hacks.

    But mlemartien, you are still a very bad boy! Please do not call me Mistress Flavia, however.:)
  16. mlemartien

    mlemartien Member

    Item #10
  17. shadow07

    shadow07 Well-Known Member

    I just purchased the LG GGW-H20L drive, and it is extremely quiet. When I watch a movie, or make a backup of a DVD or Blu-ray disk, I do not realize it's reading the disk unless I physically look at the LED or at the copy process.

    I am using the v1.00 firmware that came with the drive, and have not upgraded to v1.20 (or was it 1.02?)

    I do not use the drive quiet feature of AnyDVD. I simply have not had the need to enable it. Keep in mind that this drive is relatively new (was only released last Christmas.) That should not explain away why Slysoft may not support this drive yet.
  18. PrincipalityFusion

    PrincipalityFusion Well-Known Member

    Maybe Sly should just remove it.

    There, problem solved:p
  19. Octavean

    Octavean Well-Known Member

    My LG GGW-H20L drive is actually very quiet,….for DVD, HDVD and Blu-Ray.,….
  20. scmeis1

    scmeis1 Well-Known Member

    That just allows speed control. Not every drive gets quite because of the decrease in speed. I work with servers all day, and speed (can quite a drive), it is not the sole reason for the noise.

    Slysoft does not claim in #10 that it decreases noise, only that it allows moderation of the speed of a drive. I was just pointing out, that if your sole reason for buying slysoft was for noise control. Then you bought it for the wrong reason...