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  1. Darthgup

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    First, I want to say that I love Redfox, the community and the software. Lifetime licence and using it for many years.
    I've been able to Rip every UHD I have bought to this date.
    I was browsing the forums, and 'Un-supported' list to try to see if this is a disc problem or decryption problem, and i'm not sure. If this is answered, i am very sorry for this post then.

    I just bought Lego Movie 2 - trying to decrypt it I do get the error that the disc is unsupported. It is a disc bought in Canada.

    Reading the 'unsupported' UHD form - I did find a post that stated it was supported. Perhaps it's the Canadian version? I am on the latest version of AnyDVD. I'm just looking to confirm if this is an issue on my end or not.

    Thank you once again for the help

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Movies come in multiple versions, you simply will have to wait and retry regularly.

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  3. mbarnstijn

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    Hi, @Darthgup, as your disc isn't working yet, consider it 'Unsupported' and post the information to the 'Unsupported' thread. You'll need to create a logfile and then use the OPD parser (attached to the second post in that thread) to extract the OPD hash so @testiles can add it to the list of unsupported UHD discs. Thanks!
  4. Darthgup

    Darthgup Active Member

    Thanks Ch3vr0n and mbarnstijn. Will do as soon as I can. Appreciate the help :).

  5. testiles

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    Hi Darthgup!

    What @Ch3vron and @mbarnstijn said!

    Also, once you determine the version (OPD) for your disc, it's easier to tell whether your disc should be supported at this point or not. Country isn't enough to go on....

  6. Darthgup

    Darthgup Active Member

    Sorry for the delayed reply, and thanks for the help again. I'm not sure if I should post the OPD here or PM Testiles. Sorry if i'm doing this in the wrong spot.

    LEGO MOVIE 2 -- OPD: BD_016a050a0268 (Amazon Ca)

    Thanks again