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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by tmckin1211, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. tmckin1211

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    I have searched the forum without success, I am looking for a site that you can download movies legally and good quality? I have seen on the forum where member mention them but I can not find a thread. Any direction who be appreciated. :bowdown:
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  2. oldjoe

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    The only source that I know is from Major Universities.
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  4. linx05

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    Save your money and just got buy the DVD. Plus you get a nice little case, extra features (usually), audio commentary and subtitles and better quality. Plus you will know it can always be backed up to save yourself the hassle of buying another one when it gets ruined.
  5. tmckin1211

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    I don't disagree with purchasing them, put I have about 300 purchased movies over the last couple of years and maybe one quarter of them are worth viewing again. I thought it might cheaper to download them. As of late I been renting them and then I purchase them at Walmart or online if I like them. I gave up on trailers, they are better than most of the movies. Another reason I wanted to download was to eliminate the special features, preview, etc.

    It is the reason I use AnyDvd and CloneDvd to cut out all the things I listed above.

    A question for the forum, is it legal to sell your purchased movies and if you made a copy and kept it and only sold the purchased movie, is that against the law? I was trying to figure out how to recover some of the money I have wasted on movies I really don't care for.

    I have seen people selling their movies on Ebay, in fact I purchased a movie for my father on Ebay called Ironweed, it was a DVD. Quess what, Ironweed was never made into a DVD only VHS. Unfortunately, he is now the proud owner of an illegal copy, I think. I emailed the seller with no response, I like to know how they did the label, it was pressed on, not like a Fellows Label.
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  6. tmckin1211

    tmckin1211 Well-Known Member

    They are not legal are they?
  7. DetroitBaseball

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    Yes they are.
  8. oldjoe

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    Use quality media. (Verbatim or TY) and your movies will be watchable well into the future.

    That is illegal.

    Movies that are available for download on Univesity sites are Public Domain and are legal to download.
  9. nerothehero

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    I think he was talking about the movie itself was not worth watching twice.
  10. deaacs

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    Yes, it's leagal to sell your purchased movies - however it's not legal to make a copy in the first place, much less keep it once you've sold your legal copy. If you own the movie, you can claim your copy is a "backup" - but once you sell it your "backup" is nothing more then a "pirate copy".