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    A few times now, when I have processed Blu-rays from old films where the audio track is mono, in the resulting output mp4 file, I get audio in only the left channel. I haven't figured out how to get audio on both channels. I have tried selecting different audio tracks. The current film I am working on is Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back (1967), Criterion version.

    Here are some screen captures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GrVAYv7mM5UCgQJh7


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    That's because there isn't multi channel. there is only 1 channel audio. it's right there in the image itself "English LPCM 1.0" and "English AC3 1.0 192kbps". In both instances the 1.0 stands for 1 channel. You may select 2.0 channel "under audio channels" but if the default track only offers 1.0 (mono), the output will be mono channel. Nothing you can do about or, nor are you doing anything wrong.

    Your playback device/software should multiply it based on your settings, but the actual audio track on the title will remain mono channel.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, there is 1 channel in the source, but the output has 2 channels. See screen grab below from Mediainfo. There are 2 streams. The first stream has 2 channels, but there is only audio in the left channel. The 2nd stream is the commentary track.

    There is no output choice for 1 channel.

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    audio streams arent the same as audio channels. Either they mixed up the audio layout on the disc, or they're duplicating the mono track to give the appearance of stereo, or CloneBD is incorrectly identifying the stereo track as mono channel (which i doubt). If there's only 1 channel, it's 1 channel. 1 channel can't magically be 2 channel.

    perhaps @Pete or @Reto can take a look.

    CloneBD logfile would help though
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    CloneBD should automatically duplicate mono tracks to represent full "stereo", so this is not what should be happening.
    Please provide a CloneBD log file.