Layer switch issues with UHDs to BD-R 50 discs

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    Had a few issues with distorted picture when burning UHDs to BD-R 50 discs. Software is Imgburn.

    I would be happy to get some recommendations how to avoid / minimize these issues. Compared to DVD-9 double layer discs you can't define the BD-R 50 layer switch.
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    Burn at the lowest possible speed. That's about all you can do. It sounds like you have burn quality issues at the break, so using the highest quality blanks would be a good idea too.
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    In case of scratches, dirt or dust on the surface, or that white blur with longer humidity,it also can have negative impact on burning.
    E.g. happened to me, using ImgBurn, sector write-errors due to scratches, and a bit bleared at the outer surface with especially older un-burned even high-quality Verbatim DVD+R DL.
    The scratches occured during a few transports in backpack.

    The rest of the Verbatim 25er- DVD+R DL which had no /no big scratches, and/or the blur at outer area, out of occupied space on certain DVD-movies, burnt 100% fine.
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    I admit that I used until now some cheaper media using the Verbatim media code but these are not really Verbatim discs. 50 GB DL BD-R are still very expensive. So I burnt already at the slowest speed (2x). Most critical is the outer diameter area of those discs and I thought there is some way to avoid to burn all the way to the end of layer 0 and split it evenly between layer 0 and layer 1 to circumvent that. After some research exactly this doesn't seem to be possible as a BD-R 50 seems to be seen as just one big disc and burns layer 0 all the way to the end and only then switches to layer 1. So therefore no chance to use cheap discs and avoid the outer part of layer 0 and layer 1.
    If anybody has an idea to solve this issue it would be highly appreciated. But I guess I will have to go with the original Verbatim which are twice as expensive as these discs which show the Verbatim media code but aren't.
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    BD-R DL Products Overview


    (Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 6x, 10er Jewelcase Wide Inkjet printable (43736) ab € 5,23 (0,523/Stück) )

    What about that 0.523€ per BD-R DL piece +shipping ???

    Are you within Europe?

    In any case I'd have 5 x Sony BD-R DL 50GB (2x speed max labeled = not more recommended) unburnt, stored stored in an carton about 8 years, packaged in Jewel case, never opened, and never exposed to sunlight. Except to high summer temperatures sometimes.

    If you want you can have them. :)





    I mainly don't burn Blu-rays , except DVDs sometimes. I use internal HDD and external HDD mostly.

    I have exprimented with a TDK BD-R(E) -DL 50 GB rewritable.
    Burning was always fine, until recently the BD-R(E) -DL disc got a few small scratches, even with a more scratch-poof Blu-ray, supposedly big enough and now there are a few sector write-errors when re-recording the disc. :(
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