Latest Powerdvd version to allow Reclock to load?

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  1. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    Guys, which is the latest version of Powerdvd to allow Reclock to load?

    My new Bladerunner Final Cut causes Build 2911 to crash - usually the video freezes and the bitrate is reported as 200Mbs+, then I get the "This program needs to close error".

    I played around with 3319a a while back, but it won't let Reclock load - I need this for smooth playback (I haven't tried Bladerunner on this build).

    I don't really care about playing back files from disc.

    We really, really need a HTPC friendly player that works with Reclock built in, no downsampling, file playback, custom aspect ratios, etc. Or a one stop shop filterset for Zoomplayer...
  2. YaniD

    YaniD Well-Known Member

    Amen to that!

    Microsoft has a directshow decoder for VC-1 that can be hardware accelerated or not; CoreAVC and ffdshow have a directshow decoder for H.264 (although it isn't accelerated); Haali has a splitter that should handle evo files; the main thing missing for evo playback is directshow decoding support for advanced audio codecs (which I believe is being developed in ffmpeg). So, we are almost there with the basics.

    Whilst I would love a player with navigation capability, I would happily accept directshow filters that can be used in MPC to playback the individual evos, in the interim.

    I still think the WMV9 decoder honours the pulldown flags in VC-1, so it would be useful to have a way of optionally stripping that in the splitter or even in AnyDVD HD.

    I think the Haali splitter could do with an increase in buffering to prevent stuttering.
  3. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    I got Bladerunner working with Build 3516. The only bug is you can't disable Hardware Accel - reclock works better without it IMO (V-sync doesn't work with DXVA enabled).

    Tried 3319a, but it has no audio. How could they release that??

    Yani, I've been trying to follow the developments for playback in MPC (should work in ZP too), but I can't keep messy, too complicated, and I love complicated...

    Hopefully soon it'll be, install this, install that, run Anydvd HD and press play...
  4. YaniD

    YaniD Well-Known Member

    Playback of evo files in MPC is relatively straightforward for DD+ titles, if you can find cineplayer 4.3: just need Haali splitter, WMV9 decoder (install WMP11 or the WMP11 SDK) and cineplayer 4.3 (and of course AnyDVD HD to remove encryption).

    MPC requires some filters to be disabled in the external filter dialogue, but it's straightforward.

    Disadvantages include a possible stuttering during playback (maybe insufficient buffering with Haali), pulldown maybe not defeatable and the perennial issues of graphics cards and drivers.

    Advantages include no crushed blacks and better PQ than PDVD, plus I think better audio quality too (no downconverting?).

    It's interesting from the perspective of seeing how close we are to directshow playback.

    I don't understand why Cyberlink forced hardware acceleration above 2911. Still trying to find a registry entry that will disable dxva for Nvidia, as they do with ATI.

    Cyberlink seem to be getting to the point of new releases simply to workaround our workarounds.
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  5. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    For crushed blacks check in HKLM->Software->Cyberlink->PowerDVD and any subkeys for any values named COLORSPACE and change them from 3 to 1. There is one in the HDDVD key. I have not tried a Blu-ray disc yet, there may be one there too. It will fix crushed black issue and also PowerDVD changing the colorspace and messing up other media apps on your PC (I had the problem with TheaterTek).
  6. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    Me too and 3516 uses Reclock for HD, but not for DVD playback, which is not a problem because I still use TheaterTek for that.

    By the way never used PowerDVD on my HTPC before upgrading to HD. Picture quality for DVDs is soooo.. much better with Theatertek than PowerDVD. Shame no TheaterTekHD at the moment.
  7. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    There's a reg hack for ATi cards to disable DXVA?

    And I just need Cineplayer 4.3 it seems.
  8. YaniD

    YaniD Well-Known Member

    Have a look in the AVSforum Home Theatre Computers looonnng thread for ATI 2x00.

    IIRC you can selectively disable DXVA for H.264, VC-1 or mpeg2.
  9. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member


    That thread is about 2000 pages long!!
  10. YaniD

    YaniD Well-Known Member

    IIRC the information you require is somewhere between pages 40 and 100 (page 47 sticks in my mind).