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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Ch3vr0n, Nov 4, 2020.

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    I noted that AnyStream now use the full language locale when it comes to subtitles (eg: en-GB, en-US). This should prevent similar languages from overwriting each other. But it seems another tweak is required.

    Example title:

    Amazon US: Chicago Fire, S04E02. Has 2 subtitle tracks, (both of them en-us obviously) but 1 track is just plain "English" and the other "English [CC]". The problem is that even with the current fix, it doesn't account for closed captioned variants of the same en-us locale. Thus going back to the intitial problem where 1 track replaces the other and you end up with 1 track instead of for example


    The end result in this case is:

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    I noticed that too, the work-around for the time being is to File > "Show Log Messages," grab the URL of the subtitle file, and download that manually from any browser. ;-)
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    yeah, i'll pass.
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    That's a partial fix - we needed to fix the Amazon problem urgently.
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    Understood, that was obviously a priority. Figured I'd report this in case the cc subtitles was added too but didn't work.

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    Sure, thanks :)