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    hi I am new to this. i have just downloaded anydvd to computer. i click on the fox and the screen comes up. what do i do now. can someone give me instructions to get this going i also have clone dvd. i am trying to make a copy of king kong. thanks in advance
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    Hi Boop1153..

    You don't need to click on the Fox icon, just click on Clone dvd2, and choose either the first and the second option, then go to browse ....... choose and import your movie ...... then go to next and ......VOILA ..

    Have fun
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    you certainly should follow Webslinger's tuitorial..BUT, you want that red fox "Open" (enabled) & sitting in your lower right tray bar...insert your KK orig disc in your burner/drive, wait for the red fox to clean it up...he turns pale, then back to red, & then open CLONEDVD...THEN click only on the HELP icon. Read and ReRead the "Application" tuitorial (until you understand what to do)...then proceed as directed. If you are undecided anywhere in the process, just go back & reread the Help section will keep you outa trouble....good luck!:clap:
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    thank you so much for your replies. i will try it today and see what happens