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  1. JT S2rt

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    Using Copy 123 Platinum and AnyDVD to create digital copy of Lady Bird. Works without Errors but when I watch the film it has a copyright screen pops up during the move. What is the number of the right playlist?
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    What do you mean by 'copyright'?

    Please provide an AnyDVD logfile, without it we can't help you.

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  3. JT S2rt

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    Screenpass Protection
    Log File

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  4. Pete

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    I suggest using CloneBD, it automatically selects the correct playlist.
    For other tools, it's the manual way: playlist is mentioned in the AnyDVD status window.

    Since you're new here, I'll explain: it's the standard black text screen shown by incorrectly handled Screen Pass discs ;)
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    Hey, there's the cinavia copyright message too :p

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  6. JT S2rt

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    Thank you all for you assistance.