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    hey guys I just upgraded my firmware to 8.29 buffalo,on myPIONEER DVR-111DBK .it says it can do labelflash.I don't know to much about it can someone give me a quick overview on what program I need and what kind of burnable media I need thanks.
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    You will need to look for label flash media. Currently there are very few manufacturer's of this. I know Fuji make some as I have a few in the cupboard myself.

    This is the only label flash media that I know of >>>> Fuji Label Flash (these are in the UK - done a search on rima & meritline for the US and they don't seem to list them at all.

    To burn the labels I use Nero Burning Rom - chances are you will have been supplied with Nero when you bought your burner.
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    Too add to this, the media quality is not really that good either.:( Its cheap Ritek F1 media dye. So its not going to last that long either.( I guess) :D :D

    IMO lightscribe is far superior !!!!!!!! sorry.
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    and the end results look better (again IMO);)
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    I wonder: Are there a market still for Labelflash/Lightscribe dvd-burners and media. Are the end-user actually using this feature. To me this technology fills the role of "nice idea - impractical to use" quite nicely.

    The good old fashion way to write with a pen directly on the disk label are is still the more convenient and fastest method.
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    I use inkjet printable media for excellent results. The thing is that magic markers can disolve the disc dye as well. So you must have the special pen that's designed to write on CD-R's and DVD+-R's. Regular pen will scratch the surface as well. Another thing is how many people can read your handwriting? I know a few people that can't read mine. :)
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    Valid points you bring to the table GAMacky. I'm personally pleased with the cd-print results of my Cannon, but still I need to hunt down a box/cake of printable media when I could just grab some regulars ones;)

    But my main point still stands, marked/regular pen is what the majority uses.
    They are cheap and easy to come by.

    On a personal note: The lifespan of my cd’s is shorter due to the heat from my car’s cdplayer and not from ink-leakage. :)