La Vie En Rose, from 2007

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  1. This one is really puzzling me. I now have three copies of this DVD from 2007. All three physically appear fine. All three play in my stand-alone, Samsung BluRay players just fine. None play on any PC DVD/BluRay drive; whether AnyDVD is installed and running (or not). (My players are Media Player Classic - Home Cinema and VLC Media Player). All machines are latest Win10 Jan2019 release. But this problem has been there since Nov 2018 when I obtained the first disc for this title. The result of trying to play the DVD (whether AnyDVD is installed or not) is different for the different PC DVD's and discs, it s. I may get the first chapter of the HBO image to run at best. But none get to the previews nor title menu that I can see on a regular stand-alone DVD/BluRay player.

    If I am running AnyDVD and try to rip using it, after waiting awhile for the disc volume ID to appear in the Source, a click on "Copy Disc" simply comes back with "Disc is not ready". I have five different drives across 3 different computers. Here are the logs for the 2 discs using two different drives on two of those drives on the same computer (where I use AnyDVD).

    I have seen the thread on the German forum from years ago but it does not seem to have anything helpful. I also installed and ran DVDDecrypter (2005 last version) and IMGBURN, which I had already, to get the reported info if that helps. They are in an attached file as well.

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    Simply looks like a defective disc to me.
  3. All three? Separately and independently bought? And why will they play in a normal, stand-alone DVD player just fine if defective?
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    I think you will find that they will not play "just fine". The players skip over some errors. Depending on where it is, main movie, extra, etc, you may or may not, notice the visible skips in the video.