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    I'm hoping someone is able to help me find the right playlist/what is going on with my copy of Kung Fu Panda 3 (Part of 3-movie collection). The titles with the movie appear to be 206 (600.MPLS), 207 (802.MPLS), and 208 (850.MPLS). Based on checking the movie playing the right playlist is 800.MPLS, but that isn't showing visible. Any suggestions? Attached is the log.

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  2. James

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    You can use CloneBDs preview player to check the playlists yourself.
  3. Ender

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    Thanks, that shows the 600.MPLS as the main feature. I normally use ProcMon and see what PowerDVD is calling in the case of multiple playlists. I'll refer to CloneBD in the future.
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    Just for the record, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) changed a few years back how Blu-ray discs play the disc with licensed software players. In particular, PowerDVD uses another method to get the proper way to get the correct playlist, which negates ProcMon.
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    That method only applies to screenpass, not all discs use that. Don't think that's the case here.

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    I think that you're right, Ch3vr0n. I should've stated exactly when ProcMon doesn't work.

    With non-ScreenPass Blu-ray discs, then ProcMon should work.