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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by birdman59, May 17, 2008.

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    I purchased Any DVD a couple of years ago followed by CloneDVD2 and Clone DVD mobile. I own an older Compaq computer with an AMD processor, an Hp DVD burner and a crappy old DVD/CD combo unit used as a "reader" unit (faster read rate). When I installed these programs onto this computer, I changed no settings from default and have NEVER had a software related issue. Any problems that occurred were bad discs, either original or bad (cheap) blank discs.

    Thank you for supplying a high quality product. Too bad every thing isn't this good or easy.:bowdown:
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    A nice surprise

    Thanks for taking the time to share that with us and our friends here in the forum. This is really much appreciated. :)
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    I'll echo the OP. 4 systems at home, 5 different dvd burners, 6 rippers, and never a problem with CloneCD, CloneDvdMobile, AnyDvd (+HD) over several years that wasn't system, disc, or other software related. Not to mention the ability to play HD on my non-HDCP compliant (but still working) very expensive projector and widescreen LCD displays = priceless.

    These products have to be the most efficient and effective I have ever used in terms of price/performance ratio, which is amazing considering the talent which must be employed to defeat them - obviously matched by some better talent starting with Ollie and continuing in "Antigua" ;) - surprised the studios haven't tried to lure you all away with fat paycheques....

    FWIW, I started with ICL mainframes in 1975 and have worked with computers bigger and smaller ever since. As a one-time system administrator (now I teach instead, which is much less stressful) I have seen my share of cr*p software....
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    Oldhippie Tips Hat to Slysoft

    I too bought Anydvd and Clonedvd 3 yrs ago and haven't been sorry yet.these by far are the best thanks Slysoft(Happy Customer Here)