Kodi library migration to another computer or NAS

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    Because it took me forever to find the proper easy technique for moving Kodi's databases from one computer to another or to a server. I decided to do a quick guide.

    1. Export your current library using the separate file option. What this will do is add a small information file for every entry in your library on the same drive or in the same folder as the entry. Word of caution, since this will add files to your drive or folder, you should make sure that the drive is not maxed out on available space.

    2. Export your library using the single file option. What this will do is give you one large file with all the information about your library entries to a location of your choice.

    3. Copy the drive to another location or move the whole drive to another computer or link, share or map the drive to a server.

    4. Install Kodi on your new system, computer or server.

    5. At this point you have two options, 3 options if you decide re-scanning your whole library is an better option.

    6. Option 1: If all your drive letters or paths are going to match all the drive letters and paths from your old system. Then once you have set up Kodi on the new system and used the add sources to add your drives or folders. You can just import the large single file. Word of caution, all the drive letters and paths must match up with the drive letters or paths on all the files on that drive. If they do not, Kodi will not see the individual entries.

    7. Option 2: If there is noway to match the drive lettering or paths or you are linking through a server. When adding sources, when it asks for sources, navigate to the local source and chose it. This will import all the information from the many separate files, for each library entry. With the added bonus of automatically assigning the correct paths for each entry. After you have fully restored your library, you will have to go back and chose a different source for updating your library.

    8. Option 3: Just rescan your whole library.
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    I recommend to use a central MariaDB (or MySQL) database. You can use multiple Kodi clients access the same library. Including remembering watchted state etc.