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    Have been copying discs for many years now and never ran into this before. I like to watch burned movies with "Original Menu Option". This way I can watch the "extras" via the discs own lists of extras. However, mistakenly, I copied Knight and Day with "speedmenu" option enabled but not "keep original menu" checked. I then recopied the disc, with speedment disabled, went to watch it am finding that an "extras" tab is not offered. I then went back to the "speedmenu" disc and checked all of the other video offerings available and find that there are, in fact, extras offered. Seems like "easter eggs are being offered" if you knew how to find them". These extras can not be found on the "sceens" tab nor the "setup" tabs being offered and they do not play automatically at the end of the movie.

    Am I missing something here or have others ever found this to happen.

    Note: log file attached using (disc was ripped using


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    Speedmenu only lists the main titles anydvd think are good candidate's for the main movie. That's it, nothing else.

    If you want to access the extra's you'll need to rerip with 'keep original menu' enabled or don't use speedmenu at all.

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    Did reripped, with speedmenu disabled and the only options within the actual Blu-rays menu are "Play Movie", "Search" and "Set up". I just find it strange that the Blu-ray's manufacturer does not allow access to these extras which I never would have known about except for seeing them in the "speedmenu" section of available videos.

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    Aha like that. That's not exactly uncommon. Sometimes they use the same disc for rental and retail versions, but rental's get a modified menu showing only the main title and hiding the extra's. I've encountered it a few times myself.
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    Hmm, interesting. I'm going to have to recheck "It 2" for that possibility. Have not seen any rentals offering an "extra's" option on their main menu. Maybe there are hidden videos as well.

    Thanks again.