Kingsman - The Secret Service - Disc Ejects after only 1% Copying

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    Disc Title: Kingsman - The Secret Service (Region B)

    I'm having problems backing up the main title of this movie which ejects after only 1% and requests blank media. I aborted the process and created a log file (attached)

    I've searched other threads and have found others who experienced issues with this title when it first launched 2 years ago but I'm not sure if anyone ever had any success with a disc to disc copy.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks..

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    Houston.., we have gremlins!

    So I just repeated my earlier attempt to clone the above title and I made two observations...

    1. AnyDVD took around 90 seconds to decrypt the disc, this was the same as I observed during my first attempt. (disc was optically clean with no scratches or fingerprints)

    2. During transcoding the 'Current Conversion Rate' was around 47-48 fps, CloneBD estimated approximately 1:32:00 to complete copying

    HOWEVER.., during my first attempt the 'Current Conversion Rate' was only around 9-11 fps with an estimated time to complete copying of around 5:40:00

    This is something I've observed several times before, some discs process quite quickly and within 2 hours whilst others which are often shorter films take 5-6 hours plus. Reinserting those discs at a later time during the day can sometimes increase copying by several hours.

    BTW, 'Kingsman - The Secret Service' copied perfectly second time around though what caused this strange anomaly I can't say for sure. It's as if CloneBD doesn't always work correctly.

    Log file attached (all settings the same as first attempt)

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