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  1. rmbrewer

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    Is there an easy way to copy protect a disc I am making for just certain people? I know that is kind of the opposite of what we talk about here but just wondering.
  2. rdgrimes

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    Pretty much any data can be encrypted. What type disc are you needing? ROM, movie, CD or what?
  3. rmbrewer

    rmbrewer Well-Known Member

    DVD +R. It really isn't a big deal but I got screwed out of video services I did for an organization and I did another event and just thought about it. I did not encrypt anything but thought about it. Especially when you lose $3,000.00 and the head of the organization just ignores you. But you live and learn every day. Thanks for your response.
  4. rdgrimes

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    Probably easier to distribute your stuff by USB drive and make them password protected. But that doesn't stop someone with the password from copying.
  5. Lauren Glenn

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    I have a better idea.... People who have online maps (or maps in general), they add in small streets that don't exist so that if they show up on a competitor's map, they know their data was stolen. :)

    When I lived out in NJ, I knew of one road that was on our map that was no longer there and showed up on no one else's map but one site's.

    So put a small watermark somewhere where they can't see it and can't mask it without ruining the picture. If someone steals it, you have verifiable proof they stole your video if you record it in the copyright you can file for relatively cheap.

    Just make it hard to detect but easy to demonstrate and prove.
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    "they add in small streets that don't exist" I like that idea!!
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